They’re one of my fav. couples! || with Approval [TWSSG ost by Jun Seo]

SAD LOVE STORY capitulo 1 03/07 (sub al español)

SAD SONATA SONG episodio triste historia de amor desde su niñez JUN-YOUNG crece con su mama que vende bebidas a los soldados estadounidenses. un dia conoce a HAE-IN, una niñita ciega q vive con su tia q es cantante y desde ahi comienza su tierno amor. pero la madre de jun-young se preocupa por el futuro de su hijo , lo cual hace q se separen y desde entonces empieza su triste historia de amor. jun-young va a vivir en la casa de su padre y empieza una nueva vida con el nombre de JUN-GYU PERSONAJES PRINCIPALES Seo Jun-young (Kwon Sang Woo) Park Hye-in (Kim Hee Sun) Lee Gun-woo (Yeon Jung-hoon) capitulo escalera al cielo

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AMHRÁN MHAÍNIS / THE SONG OF MWEENISH John Beag’s voice is powerful and compelling and this performance bears witness to his emergence as one of Gaelic music’s most popular and important ambassadors. No surprise then to learn that he has been the Connemara King of Song since the 1980s. ‘Amhrán Mhaínse’ (also known as ‘Amhrán Mhuínse’) – gut churning and heart rending in its extraordinary emotional power – has become popular around the Connemara area in the last fifty to sixty years. It is not known to me or to anyone else as far as I can see, who wrote the mighty words, who composed the grand melody, Be that as it may, the song expresses the longing and wish of a woman from Maínis, who was married on the other side of Cuan Chill Chiaráin in a place called Leitir Calaidh, to be buried amongst her own people in the graveyard in Maínis. It is now sung at funerals where they replace the name of Maínis graveyard with the name of the graveyard where their deceased is being buried. In the first verse the unknown woman says that if she was three leagues out to sea, or on faraway hills, with no earthly being, or with no shelter in a blizzard but could just could talk with her Taimín Bán (fair Tommy) she would not feel the night pass by. The song goes on to express her wish that Páidín Mór (Big Paddy) would bring her remains to Maínis in his sailboat and that her coffin be made of the finest pale wood, and that, if he is still living there, the coffin be made by the hands of Seán Ó

The One – 사랑아 (내 남자의 여자 OST) with lyrics

사랑아 (SBS 월화드라마 ‘내 남자의 여자’ OST) lyrics in romanization, translated by me ^^ ******* Lyrics ******* 혼자서 불러보는 가슴 아픈 그 이름 hon-ja-seo bulleo-boneun kaseum apeum keu ireum 눈물이 새어 나올까봐 입술을 깨물고 nunmuri sae-eo naol-kkabwa ipsur-eul kkae-mulgo 또 다시 다짐한 듯 가슴을 펴 보지만 ddo-dashi dajim-handeut kaseum-eur pyeo-bojiman 홀로 남겨진 내 모습이 더욱 초라해져 hollo namgyeo-jin naemo seubi deoug chora hae-jyeo 사랑아 그리운 내 사랑아 saranga keuriun nae saranga 이렇게 아픈 내 사랑아 ireoke apeun nae saranga 얼마나 아프고 아파해야 아물 수 있겠니 eolmana apeugo apa-hae-ya amul su itkenni 사랑아 그리운 내 사랑아 saranga keuriun nae saranga 이렇게 아픈 내 사랑아 ireoke apeun nae saranga 얼마나 아프고 아파해야 아물 수 있겠니 eolmana apeugo apa-hae-ya amul su itkenni 사랑아 미련한 내 사랑아 saranga miryoen-han nae saranga 버릴 수 없는 내 욕심에 beoril su eobneun nae yog-shim-e 못다한 사랑이 서러워서 또 이렇게 운다 mot-dahan sarangi seo-reo-weo-seo- ddo ireoke unda 얼마나 아프고 아파해야 아물 수 있겠니 내 사랑아~~ eolmana apeugo apa-hae-ya amul su itkenni nae saranga~~

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